Apple iPhone won't arrive until late 2008

APPLE's iPhone - the fastest-selling technology product in history and closing in on a million sales in less than three weeks in US - may have Australian gadget lovers green with envy but don't hold your breath if you want one of the new must-have personal gadgets here.

A lacklustre response from Australia's mobile operators and the possibility Apple won't release the iPhone, for use in the US only right now, until the end of next year will frustrate people who have jealously watched US users snapping up the hot product.

"We anticipate the launch of the iPhone in Australia some time in 2008," Apple public relations manager Fiona Martin said.

But our major telcos are decidedly lukewarm about delivering the device which has redefined the look and feel of the mobile handset.

Vodafone issued a one sentence statement: "Vodafone Australia is not in a position to comment on the iPhone at this point in time."

Optus also slammed the door on speculation with a similarly short statement.

"For commercial reasons, Optus cannot comment on future product launches."

3 Mobile said more but lamented that it wasn't a 3G (3rd generation) device.

"We certainly think the iPhone looks great and is a very attractive high-end device," 3 said.

"Since, though, it's only available on 2G networks rather than 3G, we don't have any plans to launch that phone on 3 as all of 3's mobiles are 3G and take advantage of our faster 3G network."

Apple's iPhone operates on AT&T's EDGE network in the US, which is a network type only Telstra has access to in Australia.

Sources suggest Telstra has shown most interest and appears to be early favourite to carry the device in 2008.


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Telstra has its own music site that doesn't support iTunes or mp3a's Telstra is very Microsoft driven & orientated & not Apple friendly